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Neko - The Original Skin Care Soap

How does Neko Soap help?

How Neko Soap help to keep your skin healthy?

Neko soap helps you keep your skin clean and healthy. It helps in giving a good lather and a better bathing experience. It contains triclocarban and glycerin. Triclocarban is an antibacterial agent that kills the growth of bacteria and creates an all day long protective layer on skin. It works against bacteria and keeps you safe from skin infections. It also contains glycerin which helps in keeping your skin soft and supple. It has the ability to fight against germs by controlling growth of bacteria, in combination with high quality soap.

Advantages of Neko Soap

NEKO is a soap for everyday use and helps in maintaining the body hygiene. It has various properties such as:

  • It is highly effective in patients with weak immune systems.
  • It protects you from skin infections v/s normal soaps.
  • It is useful for the families who have pets at home as chances of infection are more.
  • It is useful in people who are prone to infections.

Key Ingredients and Functions of Neko Soap

Neko contains the following ingredient:

  • Triclocarban (TCC)

Triclocarbon stops growth of bacteria and at the same time creates a unique all day long protective layer on the skin and avoids attachment of bacteria from external environment to the skin. This protects your skin and prevents skin infections. As soon as the bacteria growth is limited on your body, it also helps in reducing body odour. In addition, glycerin in the soap helps in moisturizing the skin and keeps it supple.

Neko is an ideal family soap and can be used on a daily basis to avoid any kind of skin problems and to maintain regular body hygiene.